The Age of Pirates is one of the best free action packed PC games. This game is available on Amazon. Your PC will need at least 256 RAM, a Pentium IV CPU, and a Windows XP or higher. It is basically a strategy game in which you have to assume the role a pirate. In this game, you are the king of the pirates and are responsible for leading your pirate army in battle with other pirate groups to take control of the sea. This game is so addictive that you will continue to play it for hours and hours without a single break. 

As the name suggests, the game is totally based on pirates. As being a leader of one of the groups of pirates, you are required to build your own army, enhance their fighting skills, upgrade them and train them to win different battles for you. Make a strong defensive system to protect your villages and ships from being attacked. This game is based on pirates and ships but there are some levels in which you are required to fight on ground to take control of land as well. Age of Pirates offers you two different game modes. You can either choose to start the single player campaign or select the multiplayer mode to compete with other players online. Join hands with others players to create a pirate kingdom. 

The game is free to play but there are some items which have to be bought as an in-app purchase. Spend real money to get access to those items and enhance your gaming experience even further. You can disable the in-app purchases if you don’t want to utilize this feature.  


1) High-quality graphics with excellent sound quality. 

2) A detailed map to help you in reaching different Caribbean islands.

3) Fight against the rival pirates in high-intensity wars. 

4) Make your favorite attacking group from variety of troops and heroes. 

5) Customization of Ships- You can customize your ship according to your choice. There are different ships available for selection to. Choose the best ship according to your requirements. 

6) Build different buildings to make shelters for your troops. 

7) Many different weapons to choose from. You can select different hand weapons like pistols and knifes to compete against your enemies on the ground or can select different machine guns or other big weapons to fight with other ships. 

8) A defense system to ensure the safety of your villages and ships.  

9) A supply system to get different supplies from your friendly neighbors. 

10) A new winter theme is also added for you. 

11) After achieving different achievements and targets, gems will be awarded to you. Use these gems as a currency to boost up your heroes, buildings and ships.