Reading from a history book, watching a film, a cartoon, or even an experience at the amusement park ride may paint the picture of heroic and hilarious characters. Pirates are one of those subjects whose unfortunate existence was nothing close to humor or heroic. Real-life pirate stories reveal how terrorizing the groups were during their timeline. Here is an Instant Checkmate Review: $1.00 Trial For a Detailed Background Report! of some of the fiercest real-life pirates that existed.

Henry Morgan

Perhaps one of the craftiest and most barbaric pirates popularly known for his time as acting Governor in Jamaica (1678 and later 1680-1682), Henry Morgan’s escapades included terrorizing innocent women and children. Ironically, during his tenure as acting Governor, Jamaica’s legislature passed an anti-piracy law and Henry Morgan assisted in the pirate prosecutions. One of the Morgan’s savagely adventures showing how aggressive his actions were is when he captured Porto Bello, Panama by using women, priests, and Mayor as a human shield.

Charles Vane

How brutal would one be described if they set one of their ships and steered it to the direction of the enemies? That is one of the most renowned savage acts that Charles Vane unleashed when fighting off Woodes Rogers’ forces. Vane’s 1700s terrorist acts captured the then newly appointed Royal Governor, Woodes Rogers. Peaceful attempts to end the actions led to a pardon offer that Vane snubbed, resulting in a fight that overpowered him; after which, he cunningly sailed away after setting the ship on fire.


Captain Edward Teach or Thatch is also known as Blackbeard due to his long black beard that is said to have covered almost his full face and at times, he would tie them into separate tails. Blackbeard started as a British privateer in armed mercenary ships that were contracted by the British government to deal with Spanish and French plunder ships during the wartime. Later, when Teach became the captain of one of the vessels, he stole and customized a French ship and began his pirate acts, terrorizing ships travelling the American coast. His renowned pirate act was when he threatened the port of Charleston and stood ground until his savage requirements were met.

Madame Cheng

In 1807, Madame Cheng took over his late husband’s thriving business that had fast grown to be the largest pirate confederation in history two years after its formation. Madame Cheng continued in his late husband’s pace and at the height of her tenure, commandeered over 70,000 men and 1800 ships. At the peak of her powers, she even kidnapped British sailors and among her pirate acts were demanding for protection money from coastal communities and attacking ships in the South China Sea.

Anne Bonny

Clinching the point of being a respected and equal crewmember was remarkable as a woman. Now, getting to the point of being a fierce and respected pirate is an accomplishment that Anne Bonny did not hesitate to use its powers and influence. It is said that at one instance, she beat up a man for attempted rape to the point of being hospitalized. Together with her new friend, Mary Read, they dressed as men during pirating raid although their crew knew of their gender. They were captured and sentenced to death, but it was discovered that they were pregnant earning them a stay from execution.

The list is long and a further background check on some of the most popular pirates reveals that they were hardcore criminals. Their pirating raids led to deaths and injuries to innocent men, women, and children.