Whatever event there is to go to that demands a costume attire, it is actually pretty fun to dress yourself up as a pirate. It’s not only about your choice of clothes, but your movements and attitude should also completely come up on par with that of a pirate. As explained in this link, pulling off a pirate character completely clad in an unusual event like Halloween parties is totally awesome.

Pulling Off a Pirate Look

Upon hearing the word pirate, you may instantly think about wearing a pirate hat or an eye patch and maybe customized a hook for one of your hands. But to make it more exciting, there are actually various pirate looks—on which could reflect the wealth and position of the pirate. The more intricate your getup, the more attention you will likely attract. The following are the tips you can take up to catch the principles of being a pirate:

Start by Proper Grooming

Even if you already have the most awesome outfit to put on, you should always look at yourself from head to toe and imagine what a pirate would look like. After all, in order to completely pull it off, you should look exactly like one. Pirate spends most of their time on the deck of the ship and navigating the vast ocean, so it’s only natural to think that they have sun-kissed skin. You can have this skin without having to go through UV exposure by using a foundation or a bronzer with a darker shade than your natural skin color. A smoky eye could also do a great job for a pirate look regardless of your gender; you can just apply eyeliner and smudge it a little. Even in games, an authentic pirate character sports a long and wavy hair and you can immediately achieve this by wearing a wig if you have short hair, or using some sea salt spray in case you have long but straight hair.

Your Choice of Clothes

As written above, a pirate choice of clothing determines their position on board. If you go and decide to be a captain, the most suitable choice of clothing is an elaborate frock coat. If you go as an officer, a waistcoat will set the look. On the other hand, wearing a loose-fitting white shirt tucked into your pants is the perfect look to pull off for any prate ranking you wanted to take. For your clothing from the waist down, knee breeches would be suitable for an elaborate look and wide, baggy pants would be perfect for a casual seaman’s look.

To pull off a more real-life pirate, you may want to choose clothing that is either ripped, patch-up, or faded. This would show the life of a pirate trying to beat the waves of the ocean. As for the shoes, rugged sandals, boots, or buckle shoes can already do the trick. You can also come up with props since it could completely liven up the look. 

Bring Out the Inner Pirate in You

Even if you have the most awesome props and costume to wear, you wouldn’t be able to pull the great pirate vibe if you won’t be on character. Pirates are kind of badass in games, and you have to be one. Dressing up as any character you want always come with acting the role that character has. If you are able to pull off a pirate-character vibe, then you already have the coolest costume in the event you are looking forward to.