Do you like movies that are based on the life of pirates? If yes, it is truly understandable. Hollywood, putlocker movies and other film outlets have always loved making good pirate tale movies. With non-stop action, adventures of the sea, suspense, and sometimes horror scenes, the audience will surely get their money’s worth with an excellent entertainment.

Pirate films have been sailing in the world of cinema since the early years of filmmaking. Up to this day, the genre is still enjoying huge following and is destined to be that way in the future. Here are the most epic pirate films that you should watch:


Pirates of the Caribbean Series

This movie series is an adaptation based on the Disneyland theme park ride. Johnny Depp stars as Captain Jack Sparrow, the character who captivated the audience in its original film in 2003. Today, the film is the only active pirate film series and has received good audience reception with the franchise earning around $4.5 billion after five films.


This 1991 movie is based on the retelling of Director Steven Spielberg to the life and adventure of Peter Pan. The film starred Robin Williams as Peter Pan and Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook. It tells the story of Peter Pan who, after forgetting his childhood, returns to Neverland after Captain Hook kidnapped his children. The film received a good reception and was the sixth highest grossing film in 1991.


The Goonies

This is one of the unique pirate movies that combine Treasure Island and Indiana Jones. Produced by Steven Spielberg, the film is about a group of kids who discovered an old Spanish map that leads them to find a lost treasure of a 17th-century pirate. The film was released in 1985 and grossed a total of $61.5 million in revenue.


Captain Blood

This 1935 film was directed by the legendary Michael Curtiz. It was based on the 1922 novel of the same title that was written by Rafael Sabbatini. The film stars the then-unknown Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. It was a certified blockbuster that earned more than $1 million and also put the two stars into the Hollywood superstardom.


The Princess Bride

When you combine romance, comedy, fantasy and pirate plot, the result is a unique movie called the Princess Bride. It is William Goodman’s adaptation of his 1973 novel of the same title. The film was released in 1987 and has received a good review from critics at that time. However, the movie suffered a poor reception in the box office.

Following the internet revolution, the film was well received by the new generation of audience. It was even inducted to the National Film Registry in 2016.  


The five movies above are the most epic pirate films of all time. These movies prove that pirate inspired movies are still the best genre to watch if you like great action scenes and adventure. If you want to experience some cinematic escapades, watch one of these films and see the thrill of action and adventure with your own eyes.