If you’re planning to travel to Vietnam, one of the things you should prepare for is the way you’ll get through the trip without getting bored. According to travel.voyagevietnam, a sure way to kill boredom during your travel is to play one of the following top mobile pirate games.

Pirates and Trades

Pirates and Trades is a thrilling turn-based strategy/role-playing game which sets in the Caribbean. It’s a thrilling game to play while you’re on a travel.

In the game, you can play and create your pirate character. Decide whether to play as a traveling trader roaming around selling goods or as a pirate starting a war against the enemies of the country. Strengthen your character with more than 20 skills throughout the game. Choose what will be your nationality, background, attributes, ship, flag, and difficulty settings.

You can also enjoy the thrill of customizing your ship with more than 20 various improvements. Plus, you can choose from 20 different historical ships. This game also has multiple “saved game” slots for easy tracking of your progress.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Be a fearless pirate in this adventurous mobile game. In The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt, you can experience sailing on the sea during the Age of Piracy and seize golden opportunities in a setting full of black flags, white skulls, and blue waves. Visit and explore hundreds of islands and dozens of ports.

Begin your journey to becoming the Crimson King of Artilles. Prepare yourself to face battles, raids, ransoms, and treasures.

Moreover, you can try all the classes of ships with unlimited fleet size and 30 ship upgrades, use any type of ammo options, try out all the special weapons, acquire 20 captain skills to unlock other game features and exciting possibilities, and sail to different sea battles and scenarios like treasure hunt, merchant missions, escort missions, convoy missions, smugglers missions and pirate attacks.

Plunder Pirates

Plunder Pirates has the best-looking graphics, making the battle gameplay experience more realistic and thrilling. In this game, players can play with a 3D Pirate adventure and live a life on the ocean wave. This game’s objective is to become the most infamous captain in history. You can create an island, sail into seas, and start battling against other players.

You will also enjoy the opportunity to strategize the game and use tons of manpower to protect your island from the attacks of dauntless pirates. Plus, you can build the perfect island headquarters for your fearless crew of pirate captains. You can even invite your friends to play and go to wars with them. You may also just play with other players from all over the world.

Going with your friends and family on a travel to Vietnam will surely create wonderful memories. Make every minute count and make sure to have fun. When boredom strikes, invite your friends to play any of the games above. Better install all of these mobile games on your phone so you’ll have enough choice to choose from while on the road.