Despite being linked to a lot of negative associations such as obesity, aggression, and poor school performance, video games are still used as a tool for training surgical residents right now. Although the reported effects of video games are what people commonly see and believe these days, many people in the medical field put a strong emphasis on video games being one of the most effective ways to improve a spine doctor NJ's surgical performance. Here are the reasons why:

The Benefits of Playing Video Games in General

Since the early 1980s, an increase of references and researches have been found to be supportive of the positive effects of video games such as an increase in self-esteem and a faster reaction time from the players. Since then, many studies have proven that video games have a potential in a greater scope, not just in the entertainment scene alone.

Creating Games to Cater to the Need of the Market

Because of this, game developers all over the world started to create partnerships. Video games that were created to address particular problems or teach a specific set of skills to people started to increase by the day. In the surgical industry, specifically, this event became a crucial turning point. This is, because with video games, they can practice their skills in a virtual manner, and this idea seems like a gold mine, especially to those who are still starting in this field.

For instance, a spine surgeon who wants to train himself and see how he is with spatial ability can now perform surgical tasks that promote spatial resolution and visuospatial attention. Another example is of a current research done for the World Journal of Surgery. Here, medical students were asked to play a first-person shooter game and dedicate just half an hour’s time per day for five days a week. The results were astonishing as they’ve discovered that the medical students who played games scored significantly higher than the other group of students who haven’t.  

It’s already known that gamers are much more significantly apt in hand-eye coordination – a skill that is needed not just in surgery but in other medical fields as well. That’s why, for medical practitioners such as surgeons, video games are now encouraged even in their workplaces. With video games, you’re not only playing them for the fun of it, but you’re also learning a lot of skills that you can apply in real life.

Video Games for Surgical Practice

After finding out such results, video games are now being used in professional surgical training. Now, practitioners can already perform skill-based games that are not only entertaining but helpful as well. Since introducing this in the medical world, a lot of positive effects have been recorded, and that there is indeed a correlation between gaming and surgery that is proven to be beneficial overall.

Today, although ongoing researches are still conducted pertaining to how video games are significant in the medical sector, there’s no denying that it’s already happening worldwide. Even without validation, as long as it’s proven to be advantageous, there is no harm in using video games until current researches say so.