Did you know that Instagram has about a billion active users every month? That is an impressive amount of people who scroll through their phone screens on a regular basis! Maybe its popularity is due to the platform’s easy and accessible layout that makes it more convenient for more users. Perhaps it also has something to do with Instagram account security, in light of the recent Instagram hack and the hacking of millions of Facebook accounts. Regardless, such a wide reach makes the social media a great platform for the promotion of your mobile game.

However, simply posting a screenshot of your app will not guarantee success. The next question now is to figure out how to successfully advertise your product on the platform. Here are some tips on how your brand can make the most out of Instagram:

Hire influencers

The more followers a user has, the wider the reach of the post. In fact, studies have shown that 71% of consumers rely on social media references when making a transaction. This is why it is a great idea to hire the services of an influencer with plenty of followers. It is often easy to get in touch with these public figures as they often provide an email address on their Instagram page for this very reason. Sometimes, they will be even more receptive when you reach out via direct message.

Launch giveaways and contests

We daresay that the easiest way to gain followers and likes on the platform is to run your own contests and promos. Records show that accounts that regularly do so witness a 70% faster growth than regular accounts! The first thing to do in order to succeed in this endeavor is to establish the time frame and the number of followers you wish to gain. Make the instructions easy to understand and share it on your other social media accounts for greater reach. It is also important for the prize to be relevant to your app to boost awareness.

Use hashtags effectively

Hashtags can actually be a valuable discovery tool for you when you employ them properly. Apparently, posts that utilize hashtags see a significant increase in user engagement. Keep in mind that every post has a limit of 30 hashtags and familiarize yourself with the popular hashtags. When you do use them, make sure to include both short-tail and long-tail hashtags. Lastly, post them in a comment instead of adding it to the caption to make the photo more presentable on the feed.

Create viral content

It is also important to make content that users can enjoy and subsequently share with their friends. While it is not difficult to create content, the challenge here is making something that users will feel compelled to spread. As Instagram is an image-focused platform, it is especially conducive for memes, infographics, inspirational quotes, and photos that elicit emotional responses. Make sure that you post timely content and add captions that will entice people to comment, like, or directly share it.

Instagram should have a fixed spot in your marketing strategy as the platform attracts more and more users. One of its advantages is that it is largely focused on phone users. This makes it easier for you to engage users who can immediately download your mobile game! If you are unfamiliar with how it works, it’s high time to get your hands dirty and learn the ropes.