People are now curious what CBD oil is and how it works. We often associate CBD with the illegal cannabis sativa. However, there have been several studies that showed that CBD is actually a cure for several illnesses without the “high effects”.  The American Food and Drug Administration has, in fact, started legalizing medicines that contain this cannabis derivative due to its healing properties.

CBD can be taken in several ways. It can be taken as an oral medication, inhalation, by creating CBD smoke, aerosol spray, and CBD oil extract.  However, some companies have tried to create CBD by using technology. They call this technological product Digital CBD.

What is Digital CBD?

Digital CBD is a state of the art program that integrates vibrations with digital media. This technology was created by Subtle Energy Science under Eric W. Thompson. Digital CBD uses the amplified energetic signature of CBD into your media device.

Some people call this technology amplified digital homeopathy. However, this technology is more powerful than the usual homeopathy that we often experience.

What are the benefits that we get from it?

There are several health benefits that you can get by using Digital CBD. Here are some of these benefits:

  • It helps ease inflammation and many types of pain
  • It reduces anxiety
  • Aside from anxiety, it is also used as an antipsychotic medication
  • It can also fight cancer
  • Helps reduce diabetes
  • Promote cardiovascular health

How do we use Digital CBD?

To use it, simply open the digital CBD file that is attached to the product. The digital files can be in the form of pictures, audio, or video. The files are encoded with energy that will automatically transfer the energy of the CBD oil into your mobile device.

How do Digital CBD works?

The technology used in Digital CBD is called the “wave-particle duality principle”. In quantum physics, this principle states that matter and energy both possess wave-like and particle-like properties. Digital CBD uses the wave principle by extracting the important and useful, wave-like properties of CBD. This is encoded init to digital media to amplify the energy it contains.

With this, it transforms your device into a healing tool by using vibrations and amplifies the energy alongside the informational data attached to it.

Why should we consider buying Digital CBD?

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for CBD oils, Digital CBD can be the perfect choice for you. Both forms of CBD come with the same health benefits but are transmitted in different ways. Digital CBD is a one-time investment but can be used for a longer period.

It is also handy and accessible. You can download the mobile application of the software and listen to it wherever you go. It also comes with 80-minute digital files that you can choose from.

Digital CBD is a perfect homeopathic treatment for people who do not want to use the physical CBD. This product is more accessible compared to the other CBD products on the market. If you wish to purchase this product, make sure to ask an expert to help you decide which digital CBD is perfect for you!