Peek-A-Zoo is a mobile app game that caters to children of all ages, from babies to toddlers and even elementary-age students. One of the best things about the game is that it allows children to name different emotions, actions, and animals. This game is created by Duck Duck Moose, one of the best makers of educational mobile application for children from just starting to walking on a baby walker right through to 7-10 years old.

Upon downloading the mobile app, the first thing that you see is the introductory part. The introductory part consists of the name of the animal and their species. You can also see the first letter of the species being highlighted. The highlighted alphabet can be really helpful to learn the alphabet. You can tap these animals and listen to their names aloud. You can also enlarge the picture by tapping the animal twice. However, the highlighted part is very subtle and most likely not seen when the children are playing.

Once you start the game, the screen has a toggle for the background music, it also has ads for other apps created by the software maker. You can also see the tiny start button tab that should be bigger making more visible for the toddlers.

When you start playing the game, you just have to tap the animal that is being asked. The prompt is written and spoken in English to make it easier for children to learn their names. You can tap the prompt once or twice to have the question repeated. Usually, the questions would be identifying the name of the animal being prompted or to identify a specific animal.

Most kids will be able to name most of the animals in the game. However, younger children will have some difficulty on some of the alien animals like squirgle.

Aside from the identification of the names of the characters, kids will also be learning to identify the actions of the animals in the game. One of the good thing about this part is that some of the prompt phrases are clear and straightforward. Children can easily guess which character is doing a specific action. Once you have chosen the correct animal, the animal will spin and create the right sounds. Some of the sounds can be interesting. You can try to tap the animals and maybe you might just get a surprise from tapping it. One other good thing about the game is that there are surprises that you can discover as you play it

The app has a very simple design. The animals are designed in a flat style which makes them look cute but not overly detailed. The only problem is that of the color palette for the characters and the backgrounds. Sometimes, there are parts of the animals that would disappear like the mane of the lion which sometimes fades into the background. This part can be resolved when you shift to another background.

Overall, the app is a good experience for the kids. The mechanics of the game is very simple which makes it easy for children to learn more about the animals. The background sounds and the voiceover are clear and loud making it easy for kids to say and repeat. However, there are certain things that need to be improved like the color palette and the highlighted letters that need to be more visible for the children to notice. Nonetheless, it is a very educational game.