Designing the defense system in Age of Pirates is one of the trickiest things that players have to contend with. Players use all kinds of strategies in order to design the perfect defense system to keep out their enemies. One of the best strategies for designing the defense system is to make sure that you are not creating it on the seashore. The defense system must be kept away from the sea-shore to avoid direct attacks from the enemy ships. It is best to create high-rise walls for your defense system to avoid the attack of archers from the ground or from ships. It does not mean that by creating high-rise walls you have the perfect defense system. The enemies can still breach your defenses but the chances of that happening are quite slim.

Make sure that you do not leave any vacant spaces when moving a wall or a building from one place to another. These vacant spaces can welcome your enemies so always try to fill the space created after moving any structure. Moreover, do not make the mistake of spreading out your defenses in order to cover each and every building. Overlapping defenses must be avoided at all costs. You can keep barracks, pirates’ restrooms and other such buildings outside the walls because it will not make any difference if they get destroyed. Some players think that keeping everything inside the walls is a good thing but that’s not a good idea because some items can cover large spaces and it will become difficult for you to accommodate all the structures inside the walls. However, you should keep your watchtowers, gold storage, supplies and the Town hall inside the walls because they are very valuable. 

To optimize your defense system even further, you should place machine guns nearer to the seashore. This is important because intelligent enemies can start attacking you directly from the ships rather than engaging in combat on the ground. In such scenarios, these machine guns will destroy the ships along with their crew members.