We, at SM LLC are the development team behind your favorite game, Age of Pirates. We started developing this game a few years back and our main idea was to come up with a game involving pirates that PC gamers can enjoy.

Pirates had always fascinated us and we thought that a game which had pirates in them would be cool and judging by the response the game got, we were quite right in thinking that too. We wanted to make this game as perfect and as playable as possible so that both adults and kids can enjoy it.

Because of the perfectionist that we are, we wanted to get everything right about pirates. Our research team did a great deal of research on how pirates looked and made many drafts before one of them was finalized. Our graphics team worked with the research team and came up with the perfect look for the pirates. Moreover, we also took into account the language spoken by pirates and their mannerisms from movies and books written on them. All of this was done to ensure that we capture the look of the pirates in the truest sense.

The gameplay was a tricky part for us and we were very much divided on how the game should be. However, we all agreed that it should be similar to clash of clans and be quite action packed. Our development team finally came up with a story for the game that we all loved and then began tweaking it to optimize the game for the gamers.

We wanted to get the opinion of the gamers before we released it to the public so beta tested the game and the response we got was quite overwhelming. After a few tweaks to the defense system, the game was finally ready to be released. It has been a fun exercise for all of us at SM LLC to design Age of Pirates and we look forward to hearing from all of you regarding the enhancements that we can make to it.